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high dynamic range

High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) is the one genre of photography that can bring really bring out a scene in all of its brilliance.  High Dynamic Range means that the tonal range of the photography exceeds the limits of the capture sensor giving you details in the shadows as well as the highlights and everything in between.  This is achieved by making multiple exposures of the same scene and combining them in post production using software to blend the tonal ranges together.  

These images were shot using 3 to 5 exposures.  For a three exposure HDR, the first exposure is forced to under-expose the image to render the bright areas full of detail.  The second exposure is shot at the metered reading and the third exposure is shot over-exposed to bring out the detail in the shadows.

You can make some pretty wicked images using HDR, but it's easy to go overboard with the post processing to make the images almost too surreal.

Peace.  R.

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