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Our next photographic project is a high-key, black and white portraiture series.  We are looking for subjects who want to sign up for a free studio session of head shots to be produced in a blown out black and white style with subtle smooth details.  

Sessions will be held on December 29th, 2014

Experience isn't necessary as the shoot is very simple and straight forward.  

Brilliant Images' projects are unpaid, trade assignments since none of the photographs are ever sold or licensed and are only used as special interest display.  However, subjects are compensated by a special licensed use of the same images for their own portfolios.  Subjects will receive full resolution copies of the images or can take credit using direct links to posted galleries.   

Email us at for further information or to schedule your own free session.

your questions or feedback

By request, and also since we haven't shot this concept before, we've located some images from the Internet for you to link to for reference to the 'look' we are going to try and achieve with this project.  

These are just guideline images which we won't be trying to recreate exactly as is, but to give potential subjects an idea of hair, makeup, wardrobe and also how the images will be post processed.

Due to copyright, we cannot host these images but will provide links for them.  They will open in a new browser window so be sure to have any pop-up blockers disabled.  

Sample 1 - Photo by Julia Wimmerlin

Sample 2 - Photo by Paul Howard

Sample 3 - Photo by Mille Thagaard

Sample 4 - Photo by Marchevca Bogdan

Sample 5 - Photo by Jorg Hovel

Sample 6 - Photo by Emily Malmquist

Sample 7 - Photo by Holger Bucker

Sample 8 - Photo by David Cordonny

Sample 9 - Photo by Eduard Crispi

Sample 10 - Photo by Aydemir Yagmur

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